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  • Jordan Laroche

Triumph of Junior Golf Talent at the Optimas-JAGA International Series

The Optimas-JAGA International Series – Order of Merit wrapped up on April 14th at the Al-Ain Equestrian, Shooting & Golf Club, showcasing the remarkable skills of junior golfers from around the world. Over three exhilarating days, players aged 11-20 competed fiercely in this prestigious tournament.

With an impressive lineup featuring 11 World Amateur Golf Ranking (WAGR) ranked players and two NCAA Division 1 commits set to join Duke University's renowned golf program, the event was a testament to the talent on display. The tournament's age categories, ranging from Girls U13 to U23 and Boys U13 to U23, offered a comprehensive platform for young golfers to demonstrate their abilities.

Spotlight on the Winners

We extend heartfelt congratulations to the winners across the various divisions:

Boys Division:

Boys overall winner: Shijun Jing

Boys U13: Salem Alabdallat

Boys U15: Kartik Singh

Boys U18: Shijun Jing

Boys U23: Oliver Mukherjee

Girls Division:

Girls overall winner: Natalii Gupta

Girls U13: Erum Kim

Girls U15: Suritpreeya Praksanubal

Girls U18: Lavanya Gupta

Girls U23: Natalii Gupta

Charting the Course Ahead

This inaugural event has set the stage for an exciting future, with over 30 events planned from September to April. The championship is slated to return to Al-Ain around the same time next year, promising an even more thrilling golfing spectacle.

The success of the event was amplified by our esteemed sponsors and partners, including, BFG, the Asia Pacific Golf Confederation, Agency Recruit, E Golf Megastore, and the Emirates Golf Federation. We are also grateful to the participating associations from across the globe for their invaluable support.

Unlocking ‘The JAGA Way’ Experience

Winners have earned an exclusive opportunity to experience ‘The JAGA Way’ at the Junior Asian Golf Academy campus in Black Mountain, Hua Hin, Thailand, for 3, 5, or 7 days this summer. The prize package also includes high-value bursaries, totaling $85,000.

John Laroche, the founder of the Optimas-JAGA International Series, expressed his excitement, stating,

“In partnership with APGC and EGF, Optimas-JAGA International Series is set to showcase the top junior golfers in the Asia Pacific, rewarding them with global recognition and establishing them as the best in the region. We encourage all juniors within UAE, MENA, and Asia Pacific to not miss your chance to compete and make your mark on the international stage.”

General Abdullah Al Hashmi, Vice Chairman of the Emirates Golf Federation and Asia-Pacific Golf Confederation board member, also shared his perspective,

"With the support of the APGC and Arab Golf Federation, we now can identify the best junior golfers in the region. We also look forward to opening the first JAGA academy in the Middle East, which will allow students to learn, train, and compete”

The Optimas-JAGA International Series – Order of Merit was a remarkable success, shining a spotlight on the promising future of junior golf globally. As we eagerly anticipate the upcoming events, we invite all young golfers to join us on this thrilling journey towards an international golfing career.

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