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JAGA presents the first combined Tier 1 North American High School learning program (Canada high school diploma, top 5 in the world), through Northern Pre-University (NPU), in Hua Hin, Thailand, with a full-time golf training program.  Our in-house international PGA coach.  School, golf and accommodation are at the world-renowned Black Mountain Resort and Golf Club (Golf Digest:  #56 in the world). 

NCAA recruiting events will be organized at Black Mountain with a supplementary trip and tour to the US, to visit top US Golf Schools on an annual basis.


An internationally accredited hybrid learning environment where students are taught by qualified international and local teachers is combined with practicing and competing at the highest level of golf at our home in Black Mountain. Black Mountain features not only world-class golf but the latest in golf technology administered by our professional staff, monitoring and reporting student-golfer progress.



Northern Pre-University (NPU) – Canada
o    Over 1,000 NPU graduates, around the world
o    Over 800 are currently enrolled in 2022-23 academic year
o    100% of NPU-OVS graduates are accepted into university, which include the top North American and global universities:  e.g., Harvard, Stanford, University of Toronto, Penn State, … 


Black Mountain Golf Club
o    World renowned golf club, having hosted many international tournaments including the European Tour, Asian Tour, and a host of Junior Tour events
o    Onsite amenities include villa accommodation for students, GC-Quad equipped studio, grass driving range and short game practice area, gym, and weight room, as well as academic classrooms, for study
o    Golf – 8 – 10 hours of training with golf coach per week, 2 rounds on 9-hole golf course per week, 2 rounds of 18-hole golf course per week, access to short game, and driving range facilities.



Students will be living in the idyllic Black Mountain resort:
o    4-person villas build and decorated in modern style.
o    3 meals per day
o    Access to common area for socializing
o    Access to waterpark
o    Access to tennis courts
o    Good hiking opportunities
o    2-person bedroom with desk and closet space


J-AGA are offering a range of extra-curricular activities
o    Camping trips at the beginning of term to get everyone acquainted with each other.
o    Beach trips at the world-renowned Hua Hin beach
o    Tennis courts access
o    Waterpark access year around
o    Waterski facilities
o    CSR projects with accreditation
o    Annual study trip



Alan Murdoch

Alan Murdoch, former Asian and European Challenge Tour golfer, has taken his knowledge and enthusiasm and created a reputation as an outstanding coach over the last 30 years. Murdoch, 56, from Edinburgh, was a talented sportsman at Heriots School before specializing in golf and taking a scholarship at the University of Louisiana, Monroe. It was during this time that he developed his ability to build relationships and using the time dedicated to his craft, refined his critical skills he now uses to support players looking to learn and develop their game to become the best they can be.

  • What does JAGA stand for?
    Junior Asian Golf Academy
  • What is a golf academy?
    JAGA is unique and the first full-service golf academy in Asia, inclusive of premier golf training and development, golf competition (Black Mountain), boarding (at Black Mountain), and tier 1 high school education (Canada) JAGA shouldn’t be confused with more basic golf academies that only offer golf training
  • What is full-service golf training and development?
    Golf training – Black Mountain offers the most up-to-date technology for benchmarking and measuring progress for golfer who is analytic and desires to advance their game. Dedicated grass driving range, putting and chipping, as well as weights and cardio Golf practice – each student will play 4 rounds of golf, at Black Mountain’s 27-hole course, each week – 2 x 18 holes, 2 x 9 holes (Monday, to Thursday) Golf competition – each student will play in a weekly competition, either at home (Black Mountain), or away (at host school, or club) – (Friday-Saturday)
  • What is boarding?
    Boarding is the accommodation and student life experience, at Black Mountain Accommodation is at Black Mountain Villas, where student-golfers will live 4 in a room, a private pool, with meals - 7 days a week Student Life Annual membership to Black Mountain Water Park, Black Mountain Water Ski Park Annual Community Social Responsibility Trip (in Thailand) Annual NCAA Recruiting Showcase Trip (to the USA) – optional
  • What is tier 1 education?
    Canada offers a top 5 country education program, meeting all the high school requirements to enter almost all global universities, including Canada, the US, Europe, Australia/NZ, and throughout Asia The Canadian curriculum also meets the NCAA requirements for university entrance (16 credits)
  • Do I have to be a scratch golfer to apply to JAGA?
    JAGA is for student-athletes who wish to focus on their golf, while not sacrificing their education JAGA only requires you to have a highly demonstrated interest and desire to improve yourself and your game
  • How do I apply to be accepted at JAGA?
    Complete the online application form Set up and complete an interview with our admissions team Submit your deposit upon acceptance
  • Does everyone who applies get accepted?
    There are only 28 places available in the 2023-24 year (beginning September 2023) Apply early to ensure you give yourself the best opportunity for acceptance
  • How much does it cost to attend JAGA?
    Golf and academic are B1,250,000, including boarding Travel, uniforms, and stationary are extra
  • Do I have to board, can I live at, or near BM, with my family, and still attend JAGA?
    We encourage all student-golfers to live and board, however, exceptions can be made Yes, you can, but you must state your preference
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