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The NPU structure for learning personalizes academic course choice, with time management flexibility.  This process allows students to fulfil their academic goals while providing the necessary time to pursue their sporting passion and requirements, resulting in a foundation to pursue their golf ambitions, without sacrificing education. The blended learning environment is administered, and complimented by our local teachers in the classroom.

NPU powered by the OVS Learning Management System (LMS) at Black Mountain  provides quality education as Canada has been consistently ranked the most educated country in the world  (CNBC (#1)/World Population Review Source/Top 4).  Courses are internationally recognized and approved by the NCAA Eligibility Center (National College Athletic Association), as well as the majority of universities, around the world.

o Over 800 students are enrolled in the 2022-23 academic year
o The Northern Pre-University is a Tier 1 (premiere) education provider
o 100% of NPU/OVS graduates are accepted into university, which include the top North
American and global universities: e.g., Harvard, Stanford, University of Toronto, UBC, etc.


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A popular choice amongst elite athletes, we offer time management flexibility thus enabling students to improve their quality of life and reach their academic goals.

All our courses follow the Ontario Ministry of Education requirements, are nationally and internationally recognized and approved by the NCAA Eligibility Center. All credits count towards a grade 12 high school diploma and University eligibility while graduates will obtain an Ontario Secondary School Diploma from OVS, BSID # 665804.

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