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Sample Golf Student-Athlete Schedule

Breakfast/Physical training | 6.00 am. to 8.00 am.

Short game/Driving range 

| 8.00 am. to 10.00 am.


| 10.30 am. to 12.30 pm.

Lunch Break

| 12.30 pm. to 13.30 pm.


| 13.30 pm. to 15.30 pm.

Golf course training 9- or 18 holes

| 16.00 pm. to 17.30 pm.

Self-study schoolwork       

| 17.30 pm. to 19.30 pm.

Dinner, recreation, and other activities

| 19.30 pm. onwards

The sample schedule covers Monday to Thursday. Friday, to Sunday, will be utilized for traveling, competitions and tournaments. Note some changes may apply for weeks with extra-curricular activities and meetings with guidance counselors and NCAA recruitment tournaments.


Tuition for the Academic year 2023-24

Golf and Academics

Accommodation and Food package

THB 790,000

THB 360,000

THB 890,000

THB 360,000

Grade 7 and 8

Grade 9 to 12

Our tuition is competitive with all other Tier-1 international schools in Asia.
JAGA tuition includes:

  • Extensive international High school package with NPU – 900+ hours of Tier-1 education material for 1 year.

  • Golf – International PGA coach and trainer, with assistant pro and training staff

  • Golf – 2 sessions on 18-hole golf course and 2 sessions on 9-hole golf course (Black Mountain), per week

  • Golf – 8 hours+ short game and driving range with trainer, plus individual training with golf training staff

  • Golf – Access to GC-Quad equipped studio

  • Accommodation – 4-person villa at Black Mountain (optional, upon request)

  • Meals – 3 meals per day 7 days per week

  • Student life – access to gym, tennis, waterpark, hiking, and waterski facilities, tuition also covers annual student development trip - eg. camping, social responsibility, personal development

  • Transportation – Weekly travel to Hua Hin, beach and shopping centers

  • Guidance counselor – Students will have access to professional NCAA guidance counselors

  • NCAA accredited – access to NCAA recruiters, recruiting trips and recruitment tournaments.

Early Bird discount and Scholarships

JAGA is happy to announce a 5 % discount for registrations before March 31, 2023. Our early bird offer covers 5 % the full tuition.

Jaga recognizes students for their academic achievements and Golf talents and provides eligible applicants with a wide variety of scholarships. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of an applicant’s golf skills, and demonstrated academic excellence.

To hear more about your scholarship opportunities please fill out the questionnaire below.

Thanks for submitting!

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