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Black Mountain Golf Club Virtual Tour

Hua Hin, Thailand

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Inspired by cafes and open-concept offices, our classroom features comfortable seating, individual and group work stations that present different learning environments for our students. 

Driving Range

With over 20 driving bays readily available, it also houses two golf studios equipped with Foresight & Swing Catalyst's cutting-edge technology. This is where our 1-on-1 sessions take place.

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Short Game Area

Next to the driving range is one of Asia's renowned short game areas frequented by the pros. It offers chipping, pitching and bunker areas allowing for shots as far as 40 yards from the hole. Students can be found here daily fine tuning their short game.

Golf Course

Black Mountain features three nine-hole courses that regularly host professional and amateur events. Students will start their days with a 9-hole round before class.

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Weight Room

The Weight Room has top-of-the-line weight equipment, while providing ample space for recovery, stretching and other workshops where students can be their best on the course. 


Our students stay in Black Mountain's village with our own security and support staff. These spacious villas each have their own pool and are a short walk or bike ride to the clubhouse, driving range and dining area.

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Dining Area

Located next to the villas is our dining area, with a view of the Black Mountain Water Park, our students eat all their meals cooked by our in-house chef, Chef Mod, who has mastered international cuisine. 

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