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The Highlight Reel - 6/13/24

JAGA's First India Summer Camp a Resounding Success

The Junior Asian Golf Academy (JAGA) India Summer Camp at the Classic Golf & Country Club in Delhi was a resounding success.

Young golfers spent the week refining their skills with top coaches Arjun Malik, Alan Murdoch, and Marc-Andre Menard.

Mornings were filled with intensive training, while afternoons allowed for practice rounds on the pristine course. The campers were also inspired by local professional golfers who shared their journeys and tips.

The week concluded with a mini-tournament, showcasing the impressive progress of all participants. This camp not only improved their game but also fostered lasting friendships and a deeper love for golf.

JAGA Summer Camps

Even with the conclusion of our JAGA India Summer Camp, we still have a summer full of camps for you to experience:

Tail End Camp

24th June - 30th June

1st July - 7th July

Focused on the short game and putting, this will take place immediately following our school year.

Summer Camp

8th July - 21st July

22nd July - 4th August

5th August - 18th August

The Summer Camp will go through 6 weeks, but can be broken down into 3, 7, 10 and 14 day packages. Every 2 weeks the camp will focus on a different aspect of the game.


Designed for new and returning JAGA students who want to get a head-start on their school year. They can take classes early and train with our golf pros to get a leg-up on the school year.

JAGA's End-of-Year Gala: A Night of Celebration for Students and Parents

On Friday, June 21, the Junior Asian Golf Academy (JAGA) will host its End-of-Year Black Tie Gala at the luxurious Vana Nava Sky Bar Southwing, Holiday Inn, Hua Hin. This exclusive event for students and their parents marks the culmination of our school year, celebrating both academic and golfing achievements.

Set in the elegant Vana Nava Sky Bar, the evening will feature the presentation of prestigious awards, recognizing the dedication and excellence of our talented students. Families will enjoy a night of celebration, exquisite cuisine, and breathtaking views.

Join JAGA: Expanding to Five Campuses Next Year

The Junior Asian Golf Academy (JAGA) is excited to announce our expansion to five campuses next year! Our world-class training and academic programs will be available at the following locations:

  1. Black Mountain Golf Club - Hua Hin, Thailand

  2. West Lakes Golf & Villas - Long An, Vietnam

  3. Al-Ain Equestrian, Shooting & Golf Club - Al-Ain, UAE

  4. Classic Golf & Country Club - Delhi, India

  5. Le Blainvillier Golf Club - Montreal QC, Canada

If you're considering JAGA for your child's education and athletic development, we invite you to explore our guest program and summer camps. These programs offer a unique opportunity to experience our campuses and see firsthand the exceptional training and learning environment we provide.

Join us at JAGA, where we combine top-tier golf coaching with outstanding academics, preparing students for success on and off the course. For more information or to schedule a visit, please contact us today!

Introducing: The JAGA Black Krait’s

We are thrilled to introduce the JAGA Black Kraits, the epitome of excellence within JAGA. Comprising our most talented and dedicated young golfers, the Black Kraits are set to make waves as they represent JAGA at the biggest stages in Asia and beyond.

Selected based on their outstanding performance and commitment to the sport, each member of the Black Kraits has earned a black belt in their JAGA-Way assessments. This prestigious achievement reflects their mastery of the fundamentals and their readiness to take on greater challenges.

The Black Krait’s:

  • JJ

  • Kartik Singh

  • Armaan Gawde

  • Casey Kang

We are incredibly proud of the accomplishments of the JAGA Black Kraits and excited about the possibilities that lie ahead for this exceptional group of young golfers. Stay tuned as we follow their journey and witness the remarkable achievements they will undoubtedly accomplish as ambassadors of JAGA.

JAGA India’s “Meet the coach” Event

We're excited to announce our upcoming "Meet the Coach" event at ZEN Golf - Driving Range & Academy in Gurgaon! This event will take place either this weekend or next week—stay tuned to JAGA's social media for the confirmed date.

Join us for a fantastic opportunity to meet our top coaches, Marc-Andre Menard, and Arjun Malik, learn more about their coaching philosophy, and get personalized tips to improve your game. Whether you're a current student or interested in joining JAGA, this event is perfect for all golf enthusiasts.

Don't miss out—follow JAGA on social media for the latest updates!

Instagram: juniorasianga

Facebook: Junior Asian Golf Academy

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