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  • Jordan Laroche

General Al Abdullah Al Hasami Elevates Junior Golf in Asia: A Visit to JAGA

The world of junior golf witnessed an extraordinary event this week as General Al Abdullah Al Hasami, the distinguished head of the Emirates Golf Federation, paid a visit to the Junior Asian Golf Academy (JAGA).

Representatives from Singapore, Vietnam, India, Dubai, and Thailand gathered at the picturesque Black Mountain to engage in discussions about the state of junior golf in Asia. General Al Abdullah Al Hasami's visit was a testament to his commitment to nurturing young golfing talent and fostering regional collaboration.

A Visionary Visit:

General Al Abdullah Al Hasami's visit to JAGA signifies a significant milestone in the journey to advance junior golf in Asia. His vision and dedication have made a substantial impact on the golfing community, and this visit exemplified his unwavering support for the sport.

Fostering Regional Collaboration:

The discussions held during this visit aimed to foster collaboration among nations across Asia to support junior golf. Golf is a sport that transcends boundaries and unites people from diverse cultures. The presence of representatives from Singapore, Vietnam, India, Dubai, and Thailand underscored the shared commitment to nurturing young golfing talent across the continent.

A Glimpse of Young Talent:

One of the highlights of the visit was the opportunity to witness the young talents at JAGA in action. The future of junior golf in Asia was on full display as promising students showcased their skills on the stunning greens of Black Mountain. This firsthand experience left a profound impression on all the attendees.

Charting the Path Forward:

The discussions revolved around key aspects of junior golf development, including identifying challenges faced by young golfers, improving training and development programs, creating pathways for success, and strengthening regional collaboration. General Al

Abdullah Al Hasami's visit served as a catalyst for brainstorming innovative solutions and ideas.

A Promise of Hope:

The visit concluded with a promise of hope for junior golf in Asia. The commitment and dedication of individuals like General Al Abdullah Al Hasami, alongside the collaborative efforts of organisations like JAGA, symbolise a bright future for young golfers across the continent.

As we reflect on this visit, we anticipate a surge in opportunities and support for junior golf, with a shared vision of nurturing and celebrating the dreams of young talents in Asia.

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