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  • Jordan Laroche

Inside the Junior Asian Golf Academy: Short Game Area

Discover the exclusive 80-yard short game area nestled within Black Mountain Hua Hin, a haven for golfers aiming to perfect their game. At the Junior Asian Golf Academy (JAGA), we recognize the paramount importance of mastering the short game, where pivotal strokes are won or lost on the golf course.

Our dedicated short game area replicates various on-course challenges, allowing students to practise green-side bunkers, intricate putting lines, and demanding chip shots. It's a unique space designed to simulate 'up and downs' above or below the green, cultivating a versatile approach to diverse playing scenarios.

What sets this facility apart is its adaptability and accessibility. Students can utilise it during their leisure time or under professional guidance. Engaging short area games offer an avenue for healthy competition, inspiring our kids to excel and push their limits.

Elevate your golfing prowess with our state-of-the-art short game area. It's not just practise; it's a preparation ground for real-game situations, ensuring our students tackle challenges confidently on the course. Experience golf training at its finest with JAGA's holistic approach to skill development.

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