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  • Jordan Laroche

JAGA's Look Ahead to 2024: A Year Packed with Thrilling Events and New Campuses

As we step into the vibrant year of 2024, JAGA is geared up for an exhilarating journey packed with promising events and new beginnings. Our calendar is marked with exciting happenings, including key events that promise to enhance our students' holistic development.

Upcoming Events:

JAGA Coaching Summit - January: Our year begins with the JAGA Coaching Summit, a gathering of coaches from all our campuses at the Black Mountain Golf Club in Hua Hin. This summit will center on refining the 'JAGA Way' to ensure a consistent and seamless coaching philosophy across all our campuses.

WAGR Certified Tournaments: We're thrilled to announce WAGR-certified tournaments at two prestigious locations: the Al-Ain Equestrian, Shooting, and Golf Club in the UAE, and Le Blainvillier just outside Montreal. These tournaments will showcase the talents of our student-athletes while providing them with an opportunity to earn valuable WAGR points to bolster their rankings.

You can find out more about these events here.

Improving Student Life and Golfing Excellence:

Building upon the valuable lessons and experiences from our first semester, we're committed to raising the bar even higher. Our focus remains steadfast on enhancing the quality of life, education, and golf for our students in Thailand as we enter the second semester. Furthermore, we're eagerly preparing for the 2024-2025 academic year, where the opening of our new campuses in Al-Ain, Long An, Montreal, and India awaits.

At JAGA, our commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals continues, ensuring that every student experiences a fulfilling journey characterized by growth, learning, and sporting excellence. Stay tuned for more updates and exciting developments as we embark on this promising chapter in 2024!

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