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The Future of Junior Golf: The JAGA International Series Launches a Pathway for Rising Stars in Asia-Pacific

JAGA and APGC have partnered to host the JAGA International Series - Order of Merit events, spanning from September to March 2024-25. These competitions, across Singapore, Vietnam, UAE, Thailand, and India, offer student-golfers in the Asia Pacific region opportunities to earn AAC, WAAP, and WAGR points, fostering pathways to collegiate and professional ranks.

The upcoming 2024-25 season boasts over 25 WAGR events, establishing the JAGA - Order of Merit as the recognized ranking source for Juniors and Amateurs (U23). This structured ranking system, based on tournament performances, sets the stage for long-term development, qualification pathways, and opportunities endorsed by APGC.

The kick-off event at Al Ain marks the commencement of the international series, serving as a bonus event for the JAGA OOM. Participants will enjoy a 5-day stay at the official hotel, complete with airport transfers, practice rounds, tournament rounds, meals, and a goodie bag. The event, adhering to R&A and USGA Rules of Amateur Status, emphasizes the importance of age and valid Handicap Index.

Key dates include the deadline for entries on March 22, 2024, and the tournament from April 11-14, featuring registration, practice rounds, and official rounds. The detailed itinerary ensures a seamless experience for players, with a welcome dinner, prize ceremony, and complimentary lunch.

Bursaries and prizes further enhance the competitive spirit, recognizing top performers with trophies, certificates, and special awards like 'Hole in One.' The JAGA bursaries, including Full Ride and Entry Exemption categories, demonstrate a commitment to supporting elite juniors/amateurs across APGC countries.

For those not entering through national associations, an open application process is available, allowing individuals to showcase their credentials and join the competition. The Tournament Committee reviews applications and provides payment links upon acceptance.

The JAGA International Series - Order of Merit promises not only a thrilling golf competition but also an opportunity for young talents to shine, develop, and pursue their golfing aspirations on a global stage. For inquiries, the tournament committee and travel desk contact details are provided for a seamless experience.

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