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The Highlight Reel - 11/20/23

Team JAGA: Another win at the JAGA Vietnam International Amateur Championship

The Junior Asian Golf Academy wraps up it’s inaugural Vietnam Amateur Championship on the 11th of November. It was a great event that had tremendous local and international players as we try to grow the game in Asia that saw strong performances from JAGA students.

Oliver Mukherje won the men’s championship this weekend, showing determination and grit down the stretch. Managing to bounce back from a double bogey on hole 3 to win the tournament by two strokes. Oliver shot a remarkable 65 (-7) during the 2nd round, amplifying his dominance this weekend.

Armaan Gawde had one of his best outings since joining JAGA this year, finishing in the top 5 all three rounds of the tournament. Shooting 77-75-72 through the weekend, he continues to make incredible strides with his game and gets better every time he is on the course.

Sam Mukherje, Oliver’s brother, also had a very strong weekend finishing in the top-7. The Duke University commit had another strong performance while mentoring the other JAGA students on the course.

Nguyen Vu Huong Anh (Chip) led the way for the JAGA girls this weekend shooting 78-78-84 and finishing in third in the women’s championship. While Than Bao Nghi (Maia) finished fourth with a score of 85-82-81.

Other highlights from the weekend:

We had two (!!!) hole-in-one's last week, from Tim Richter and Sean Yates. These are the first reported in JAGA's history and getting both in such a short amount of time we hope the luck continues.

Our students also had a few days to experience Ho Chi Minh City before heading to Long An for the tournament, there they got to see the Saigon Skydeck and numerous other attractions and experience local cuisine.

Inside JASA: Leanne Abouhamad

Our new student Leanne had an excellent tournament result in her final tournament before joining JASA. She got advanced to the semi final of the ITF West Asia Fujairah Cup. She played some of the best tennis of her life and eventually lost to the top seed from Serbia who won the tournament championship. What a great way to start her time at JASA.

-Geoff McIntyre -

Inside the Junior Asian Golf Academy: Short Game Area

Discover the exclusive 80-yard short game area nestled within Black Mountain Hua Hin, a haven for golfers aiming to perfect their game. At the Junior Asian Golf Academy (JAGA), we recognize the paramount importance of mastering the short game, where pivotal strokes are won or lost on the golf course.

Our dedicated short game area replicates various on-course challenges, allowing students to practise green-side bunkers, intricate putting lines, and demanding chip shots. It's a unique space designed to simulate 'up and downs' above or below the green, cultivating a versatile approach to diverse playing scenarios.

Benefits of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma: Applying to the US

The Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) offers notable advantages, particularly when applying to American schools. Beyond its rigorous curriculum, OSSD students benefit from a grade boost while applying to US universities.

This means that their academic grades are favorably adjusted, reflecting as 10% higher when applying to American institutions. For instance, an 85+ average in the OSSD translates to a 4.0 GPA in the US system, compared to the conventional requirement of 94% for a 4.0 GPA.

This unique benefit positions OSSD students as competitive applicants, showcasing academic excellence and proficiency that resonates well with American universities' standards and expectations.

*See bottom for full conversion table.

JAGA’s Wellness Retreat: The Importance of a Strong Mind

On November 19, 2023, JAGA orchestrated an enriching day aimed at nurturing students' mental and physical well-being. The activities at Jintana Health and Spa, from learning breathing techniques to navigating ice baths, presented myriad benefits for the students. Practicing meditation fosters mental clarity, stress reduction, and emotional balance, crucial for their academic and athletic performance.

Exploring the techniques of cold exposure not only bolsters resilience but also enhances the body's ability to manage stress and inflammation, promoting overall health. The indulgence in sauna, steam rooms, and therapeutic massages aids in muscle recovery, relaxation, and immune system support. Moreover, savoring healthy smoothies offers vital nutrients, aiding in rejuvenation and replenishment.

This holistic experience isn't just a day off; it's an investment in our students' well-being, equipping them with tools to manage stress, foster resilience, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

A Deeper Look at NCAA Scholarships

The goal at JAGA & JASA is to get you ready for the next stage in your academic career, whether that’s playing sport at the NCAA level or being a full-time university student. In the past, we have given presentations on how to get a scholarship and introduced students to some of the top universities in their given sports.

But how much money can you expect to get in an athletic scholarship? And what are your chances of getting a scholarship?

On Wednesday going into full detail about NCAA scholarships on our blog, watch for our announcement post on our Facebook and Instagram.

Instagram: juniorasianga

Facebook: Junior Asian Golf Academy

OSSD to GPA conversion table.

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