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The Highlight Reel - 3/3/24

Countdown to the JAGA International Series - Order of Merit

JAGA and APGC join forces for the JAGA International Series - Order of Merit, spanning September to March 2024-25 across Singapore, Vietnam, UAE, Thailand, and India. This series offers student-golfers chances to earn AAC, WAAP, and WAGR points, fostering pathways to collegiate and professional ranks.

Featuring over 25 WAGR events, the 2024-25 season establishes JAGA - Order of Merit as the recognized ranking source for Juniors and Amateurs (U23), creating long-term development opportunities.

Kicking off at Al Ain, the international series begins with a 5-day stay including practice rounds, tournament rounds, and transportation. Adhering to R&A and USGA Rules of Amateur Status, the event emphasizes age and a valid Handicap Index.

Key dates include the entry deadline on March 22, 2024, and the tournament from April 11-14, featuring registration, practice rounds, and official rounds. Bursaries and prizes recognize top performers, including trophies, certificates, and special awards like 'Hole in One.'

The JAGA International Series - Order of Merit promises thrilling golf and offers a platform for young talents to shine and pursue their global golfing aspirations. For inquiries, contact details for the tournament committee and travel desk ensure a seamless experience.

JAGA International Series Kick-off Event

Get excited at the Al Ain Equestrian, Shooting & Golf Club from April 11-14, as JAGA launches its International Series - Order of Merit.

This debut tournament promises thrilling competition and a celebration of emerging talents, creating a golfing spectacle against the breathtaking backdrop of Al Ain. Join us for a 5-day extravaganza filled with practice rounds, intense tournament action, delightful meals, and exclusive goodies.

Committed to fair play and skill development, the event adheres to the R&A and USGA Rules of Amateur Status, fostering a supportive environment for young talents across the Asia Pacific region.

JAGA College Showcase: A Gateway to Opportunities

In anticipation of the upcoming JAGA College Showcase, scheduled for June 25-27 at Le Blainvillier near Montreal, excitement is building among aspiring student-athletes.

This event marks a pivotal moment, creating a local platform for JAGA students to showcase their golfing prowess and catch the eyes of college coaches. With the backdrop of Le Blainvillier's scenic greens, the showcase promises not just a display of talent but an avenue for promising golfers to explore opportunities at the collegiate level.

The showcase is strategically designed to connect our students with NCAA and U Sports coaches, offering them a chance to be scouted in their own backyard. As we gear up for this event, the anticipation is high for the doors it will open, providing a direct pathway for JAGA talents to step into the collegiate golfing arena.

Stay tuned for an event that goes beyond golf; it's a journey of potential, aspirations, and the pursuit of excellence on the greens of Le Blainvillier.

JAGA Canada's 2nd Information Night

Mark your calendars for an evening of golf inspiration and insight at our upcoming Info Night on Tuesday, February 27th, at 7:00 PM, hosted at the scenic Le Blainvillier Golf Club.

This is your golden opportunity to connect with the JAGA Canada team, uncover the innovative golf programs we offer, and explore the exciting opportunities available for young golf enthusiasts.

Join us for a comprehensive overview, gain insights from seasoned professionals, and participate in a Q&A session. This ensures you have all the information you need to embark on a remarkable journey with JAGA Canada. We eagerly anticipate your presence at Le Blainvillier Golf Club for an evening filled with endless golfing possibilities!

For more info:

Elevating Short Game Mastery with Asian Tour Pro Simon Yates at Black Mountain

At Black Mountain Golf Club, our commitment to nurturing golf excellence recently reached new heights as we welcomed former Asian Tour pro, Simon Yates, for an exclusive coaching session. With two victorious events under his belt during his professional career, Simon brought a wealth of experience to our students.

The focus of the session? The intricate art of mastering the short game. Recognizing that this is where the most shots can be gained on the course, Simon delved into the nuances of technique, strategy, and the often-overlooked mental aspect of short game proficiency.

What set Simon's coaching apart was his personalized approach. Each student received tailored reports, addressing their unique strengths and areas for improvement. Simon's keen insights and proven strategies provided our students with valuable tools to elevate their short game and overall performance.

As we continue to foster a culture of excellence at Black Mountain, experiences like these are a testament to our commitment to providing our students with unparalleled opportunities for growth and success in the world of golf.

Navigating the Future: The Test-Optional Revolution in University Admissions

Admissions in universities are undergoing a transformative shift, prioritizing flexibility to alleviate stress for both students and counselors. The University of Michigan's commitment to maintaining a test-optional policy for winter 2025 and fall 2025 reflects a broader national trend in higher education.

This move acknowledges that academic merit extends beyond standardized test scores, aligning with the evolving landscape where numerous U.S. universities are embracing similar policies. The emphasis on a holistic review encourages students to showcase their strengths through various avenues like AP, IB, or PSAT scores.

The dedication to ongoing review showcases a commitment to adapting to student needs, fostering transparency, and refining admissions processes based on valuable feedback. By staying informed, guidance counselors can offer tailored advice, assisting students in deciding whether to submit test scores and shaping their overall application strategy.

The test-optional movement symbolizes a shift toward a more inclusive and student-focused approach to university admissions. Recognizing that a student's potential surpasses a mere test score, it promotes a comprehensive evaluation. Navigating this evolving landscape collaboratively ensures better outcomes for counselors, educators, and students alike.

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