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The Highlight Reel - 4/12/23

Another Weekend That JAGA Dominates: Champions From Last Weekend

Casey Kang Dominates at Thailand Junior Development Tour

Grade 11 standout, Casey Kang, continued her astounding winning streak at the Thailand Junior Development Tour's qualifying event #5 held at Alpine Golf Course in Chiang Mai. Kang displayed unparalleled skills, finishing a staggering 25 strokes ahead of her closest competitor. Her relentless pursuit of excellence solidifies her position as a dominant force in junior golf.

Kartik Singh's Record-Breaking Triumph

Meanwhile, the weekend also witnessed a record-breaking performance by grade 8 student Kartik Singh at the Indian Golf Union Main Tour Gujarat State Junior Championship hosted at Kalhaar Blue and Greens. Singh's exceptional talent shone through as he conquered challenging windy conditions, shooting a remarkable 16 under par across four rounds. His impressive victory, with an 11-stroke lead in the A and B combined category, reflects his immense potential and skill on the course.

JAGA Students Excel at Junior Asian Tour and Beyond

A group of JAGA students participated in the Junior Asian Tour's 6th event hosted at Treasure Hill Golf Club, delivering standout performances across various divisions. Tim Richter secured an admirable 2nd place in the A boys, closely followed by Jonathan Ramarolahy and Samuel Tan tying for 4th position. Tran Nguyen Hai Nam and Supakorn Watanapruksakul showcased commendable performances, highlighting their dedication and skill.

Adding to the triumphs, Nguyen Trong Hoang clinched his first victory with JAGA, emerging victorious in the Boys B group. Tantikorn Klinpeng and Armaan Gawde exhibited strong scores, underscoring their talent and potential. In the Girls A division, Than Bao Nghi and Ashlynn Choo secured 3rd and 4th positions, respectively, showcasing their competitive spirit and skill on the course.

Inside JAGA: Driving Bays

Nestled within the heart of JAGA lies our sophisticated driving bays, where excellence in golf meets the latest technological advancements. These bays serve as the dynamic setting for our exclusive 1-on-1 coaching sessions led by Alan Murdoch, Head of Golf at JAGA.

Our driving bays house three Foresight GC monitors, offering meticulous swing analysis. They provide precise data on yardages, swings, and ball dynamics. In addition, our bays feature two Swing Catalysts, floor mats that measure and analyze ground reaction forces such as lateral, vertical, and torque—essential elements for refining technique and balance.

Multiple cameras stationed at strategic angles provide a comprehensive 360-degree view of each swing. This array of camera perspectives offers our coaching team an extensive view for thorough swing analysis and targeted improvement.

JAGA Expands Calendar with Exciting New Events!

We are thrilled to announce three new events that will soon grace our JAGA calendar, offering enriching experiences and valuable opportunities for our students.

JAGA Coaching Summit - Set to take place from January 20th to 23rd at Black Mountain, coaches from current and future campuses across Thailand, India, Dubai, Canada, and Singapore will gather to set the course for continuous advancement and strategies to further elevate our coaching methodologies.

JAGA International Tournament WAGR - Scheduled for April 11th to 14th in the United Arab Emirates, this tournament marks the beginning of our expansion into the Middle East. This event promises to be an exciting opportunity for our students to compete on an international stage.

JAGA NCAA/USports College Showcase - Happening in June 2024 in Montreal, Canada, this showcase aims to provide our students with direct exposure to coaches from NCAA and U Sports programs.

Welcoming New Talents to JAGA: Meet Pham The Nam, Van Tanh Dat, and Le Hoang Hung

Introducing Three New Talents to JAGA: Pham The Nam (Bear), Van Tanh Dat (Dat), and Le Hoang Hung (Hoang) are joining us in Grade 11 at JAGA. Fresh from their success at the JAGA Vietnam International Amateur Championship, these students are swiftly diving into our community.

Their transition to JAGA has been seamless. Bear took part in tournament play just five days after arriving at Black Mountain. Simultaneously, Dat and Hoang are actively participating in a short game tournament with our mentors.

As they immerse in JAGA's holistic education and golf training, we're eager to witness their growth on and off the course. Join us in extending a warm JAGA welcome to Bear, Dat, and Hoang. Let's support and encourage these budding golf stars on their promising journey at JAGA!

Introducing JASA’s Future Tennis Stars: Kira and Lev Grab

We're excited to welcome Kira and Lev Grab to JASA, marking the inception of our youth tennis program in collaboration with Somtawin School and Sly Black's prestigious tennis academy.

Under the mentorship of renowned coach Sly Black at Arena Hua Hin, Kira (grade 2) and Lev (grade 4) begin their day with intensive tennis sessions before transitioning to Somtawin School for academic studies.

This opportunity sets the stage for the Grabs' transition to full-time enrollment at JASA at True Arena Hua Hin when they reach grade 5.

Guided by Sly Black's expertise and supported by a holistic educational framework, this collaboration aims to shape future tennis stars by nurturing their potential on and off the court.

JAGA Celebrates Loy Krathong: Embracing Thai Traditions

This past weekend, JAGA students engaged in the vibrant celebration of Loy Krathong, a significant Thai festival marking the end of the rice harvest. This tradition involves floating intricately crafted baskets, called 'krathongs,' adorned with candles and flowers, onto rivers to express gratitude to the water goddess and seek forgiveness for water pollution.

Our students actively participated in crafting krathongs, immersing themselves in Thai customs. At JAGA, cultural inclusivity extends beyond academics, providing students with opportunities to appreciate diverse cultural experiences.

Loy Krathong was a remarkable event where our students embraced Thai traditions, fostering a deeper understanding of the rich tapestry surrounding them.

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