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The JAGA Way Unveiled

At JAGA, we're thrilled to introduce The JAGA Way—an exciting roadmap that will shape the future of youth golf. More than just coaching policies, it's a holistic approach designed to ensure an enriching experience, whether a student-athlete is starting their golf adventure or transitioning between our campuses in different markets. The JAGA Way isn't just about refining golf skills; it's about fostering academic success, character development, and transforming your child into an exceptional individual both on and off the golf course.

"A  process centric approach for a healthy mind and body, and excellence in gameplay. Through "Determinization, learning, practising measuring and mastering," JAGA prepares all students with the skills to get to the next level. 

We will do this by focusing on 4 core categories: 

  1. Individual Need Based Training

    1. Every student has different strengths and weaknesses, focusing on the weaker parts will elevate their game.

  2. Process-Based Training

    1. Focus on the process, results will follow. 

  3. Repeatable

    1. Ensuring all of our technology, tools, metrics and analytics can be moved anywhere in the world. 

  4. Holistic

    1. Building our student-athletes into respectable people who excel in and out of the classroom.

Holistic Approach - The Complete Athlete

The Holistic approach will focus on the complete student, as we’ve experienced a lot goes into the college recruitment process. Including personality tests, conversations with family members and more, so we ensure that our students stand out to coaches and recruiters in that regard. 

We will do this by looking at and building on these core aspects:

  1. Bio-Mechanics

    1. Being strong and flexible is a major advantage when playing golf, our strength and conditioning team will build strong foundations for our athletes to build on in the gym.

  2. Mind Training

    1. Being resilient on the golf course can turn a golfer's play around mid-tournament, with specialised mental coaches our student-athletes will learn how to control their emotions and mental skills while on the course. 

  3. Physiotherapy

    1. While being strong and flexible is important, it all goes to waste without proper recovery. Through partnerships with local physiotherapists and chiropractors our students will learn how to take care of their bodies through stretching and mobility exercises. 

  4. Community-Service

    1. Our students actively participate in local initiatives, giving back to the communities they are a part of. Whether assisting charities or engaging in environmental projects, they learn the value of making a difference both on and off the course. 

  5. Co-Curricular Activities

    1. These activities build friendships that will last a lifetime, we give the student’s opportunities to engage in other sports, learn different cultures represented at JAGA, or going to see local attractions.

  6. Media Training

    1. In the world of social media and content creation we want to give our students the opportunity to express themselves and make sure they are ready for interviews and more in the future.


At the heart of our coaching philosophy lies a fundamental principle: gameplay is paramount. We believe a student-athlete's on-course prowess is cultivated off the course through a blend of quantifiable metrics, including tools, analytics, and processes, coupled with intangibles such as mental fortitude, unwavering commitment, and dedicated practice.

Tiered System

We have drawn inspiration from Judo when building our tiered system for golf instruction, building a six tier system that will help us identify where the student-athlete needs the most advice. 

We have already covered this in a previous blog, if you would like more info on this CLICK HERE.

Tier 1: Foundation (White and Yellow)

  • Geared towards newer golfers passionate about the sport.

  • Emphasis on basic fundamentals to enhance their understanding of golf.

Tier 2: Apprentice (Orange and Blue)

  • For students with a solid understanding of the game and strong fundamentals.

  • Focus shifts to tournament preparation and advanced course management.

Tier 3: Master (Brown and Black)

  • Reserved for leaders on the JAGA campus, both academically and on the course.

  • Coaching tailored to individual needs, with a focus on college-ready standards for those reaching the Black tier.

The Wheel of Success

Embodied in our Wheel of Success are five key pillars that guide our students toward greatness. These principles encompass not only the mastery of golf but also the cultivation of qualities that extend beyond the fairways. This holistic approach prepares our students for success in both sport and life, ensuring they are equipped with the skills and mindset needed to navigate the challenges that lie ahead. 

Want more information on this? CLICK HERE

In summary, The JAGA Way isn't just about refining golf skills; it's a transformative guide for the holistic development of our student-athletes. This comprehensive framework adapts seamlessly to new markets, emphasizing not only academic excellence but also shaping individuals of character.

Rooted in a process-centric approach and a tiered system inspired by Judo, JAGA ensures standardized and effective coaching. The Wheel of Success, with its five key pillars, underscores our commitment to nurturing complete athletes, preparing them for success both on and off the golf course. This is more than golf; this is The JAGA Way—a journey of holistic development.

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