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The Highlight Reel - 11/6/2023

Big Fish Golf & JAGA: Personalized Golf Bags for Our Students!

JAGA is thrilled to announce our partnership with Big Fish Golf (BFG), a Singaporean-based company renowned for creating optimized golf clubs for junior golfers. In a generous move, BFG has provided our students with personalized golf bags featuring their names and the iconic JAGA logo.

These custom bags are more than just stylish accessories; they symbolize our students' dedication and pursuit of excellence. BFG's commitment to creating golf equipment that caters to the needs of junior golfers is perfectly aligned with our philosophy at JAGA. As our students hit the fairways with their new personalized golf bags, we're excited to see how this collaboration will elevate their golfing experience. Thank you, BFG, for your generous support!

JAGA Partners with Spine Clinic for Athlete Health

JAGA proudly announces its partnership with Spine Clinic, a renowned name in spine health. This collaboration signifies our commitment to holistic athlete care and addresses the unique physical demands of golf.

Golf demands precision and can strain young athletes' spines and hips. Our partnership with Spine Clinic aims to safeguard our students' long-term health.

This partnership encompasses personalized assessments and tailored guidance for spine and hip health, preventing injuries, and elevating performance.

Our students will learn to care for their bodies and benefit from professional-level care typically reserved for seasoned pros.

Spine Clinic's role in our athlete care program will foster a proactive approach to physical health, empowering our students with knowledge and resources.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Spine Clinic for their support in shaping the future of junior golf. This partnership represents a new era in athlete care, ensuring our students chase their dreams with strength, resilience, and a healthy spine.

JAGA's Rising Stars Shine at Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship

his past weekend, at the Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship, two young golf prodigies, Teerawut Boonseeor (JJ) and Kartik Singh, showcased their remarkable talent on an international stage.

Teerawut Boonseeor (JJ) and Kartik Singh, students at the Junior Asian Golf Academy (JAGA), balance world-class sports training with a rigorous academic program, nurturing their exceptional skills.

Kartik Singh, just 13 years old, became the youngest player ever to make the cut at the Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship. His resilience and precision on the course led to an impressive +1 score on cut day.

JJ, a seasoned player, proudly represented Thailand, showcasing the strength of JAGA's golf program.

Their outstanding performance is a testament to the effectiveness of an academically and athletically balanced education, and we look forward to their future successes on and off the golf course.

General Al Abdullah Al Hasami Elevates Junior Golf in Asia: A Visit to JAGA

he head of the Emirates Golf Federation, General Al Abdullah Al Hasami joined representatives from Singapore, Vietnam, India, Dubai, and Thailand gathered at the picturesque Black Mountain to engage in discussions about the state of junior golf in Asia. General Al Abdullah Al Hasami's visit was a testament to his commitment to nurturing young golfing talent and fostering regional collaboration.

You can find out more about it on our blog here

Bridging Success: JAGA & JASA's English as a Second Language Program

At the Junior Asian Golf Academy (JAGA) and the Junior Asian Sports Academy (JASA), we empower students on and off the field. Recognizing the importance of linguistic proficiency alongside athletic prowess, we're thrilled to introduce our new English as a Second Language (ESL) Program.

Our diverse student body, representing over 10 countries, embodies the rich cultural tapestry at JAGA and JASA. While our students come from varied backgrounds, they all share a common aspiration: to excel in their chosen sports. Our ESL Program empowers these students by removing language barriers and supporting their academic progress.

With an individualized approach as a hallmark of our ESL Program, we tailor it to address the unique linguistic needs of each student, paving the way for academic success and future educational opportunities.

JASA’s New Partnership with Somtawin School

JASA announces an exciting partnership with Somtawin School, allowing students to combine quality education with world-class sports training at JASA at True Arena.

Kira and Lev Grab are the pioneers of this program. These young tennis players, in grades 2 and 4, will split their time between Somtawin School and JASA at True Arena under the guidance of tennis coach Sly Black.

As Kira and Lev progress through their education and athletic development, they will seamlessly transition into the JASA program at True Arena upon reaching grade 5.

We're excited about the potential of this partnership and the impact it will have on young athletes, as we anticipate a new generation of students joining this program and embarking on a journey toward a brighter and more balanced future.

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